Impressions 12.12.2010

Browsing this site will uncover some very pertinent clues about my conceptual and technical processes as an artist.  Much can be learned about artworks by placing them in context of the artist's writings.  As such, I felt the need to post a few thoughts about my biases, insecurities, and processes.  I may occasionally feature a favorite article or research paper, to fully color those things I feel are important to this end.   

A personal website is kind of a vain endeavor, presuming that anything  I have to say about myself would interest anyone.  I'm not sure this is the chief objective.  Somehow,  seeing one's postings is an end unto itself.  There are some interesting parallels between websites popularity and art.  Would an artist ever produce works even if there were no audience?  I know artists who produce absolutely stunning work, yet are content to show in only small venues.  There are even some who  keep their best works private, hidden in sketchbooks or taped to studio walls.  I'm sure we can make additional parallels with writers, musicians, or any artistic professions.  Vanity and obscurity often go hand in hand.  They compliment each other, balancing the ego as both a creature of the spotlight and the darkened corner.  

In my youth, I wondered why artists felt the need to pin a lifetime of  their artwork all over the studio.  Now that I'm older, I realize that this allows the artist to see the work in perspective.  Knowing where one has been is a powerful tool or context for future work.  The very act of pinning it to the wall is a ritualistic initiation.  That work has a "rite of passage."  Whether right or wrong, good or bad, we've pinned it down, giving us permission to try something else.   Maybe, my need to place personal thoughts for public consumption is a similar exercise.  Impressions that I enshrine in the mighty Google machine give me perspective, much like a personal journal.   At any rate, those of you who stumble across my site, may better appreciate my feeble attempts at being an artist.