SAGA Article: Dissent of Printmaking 8.11.2012

Please download the finished article by clicking on the link below. Let me know of any concerns or suggestions. If you prefer another title, let me know.

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List of Permissions

Please look closely at the permissions link. The older pieces are under Wiki-commons. Some of these images like the Kollwitz, aren't very large. I think they have to stay that way in order to remain under "common use."

Shelley--I have received permission from all of the contemporary artists, except Sue Coe. I will have her gallery send you the contract, as soon as it is complete. As for our publication, the number of copies allowed is 350. If you need more, please contact fayduftler(at) before we draw up the new contract.

Incidentally, I noticed that the rights to the Kollwitz image is also owned by fayduftler(at) , even though its in the Wiki-commons. I don't know if that will create any problems, so I wanted to give you a heads-up.

I have also listed the contributors which we will need to send complimentary issues. Those who aren't SAGA members, you are welcome to send their issues to me, if you like, and I'll make sure they get their copy.

SAGAzine Images

(These are the highest resolutions I could find. You will need to insert these in place of the low res images presently in the article.)
Aragon Aragon Endaya Faviana
Goya Hogarth Huck Kollwitz
Slatton Starwars Thayer Coe